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The Burke Center

Outpatient Mental Health Clinics





Adult Mental Healthcare Centers believe in the recovery philosophy that stresses wellness education and empowerment as being keys to understanding and managing psychiatric disorders. Treatment services are designed which enhance the consumer’s strengths and natural support systems, while targeting their symptoms of mental illness with quality psychiatric care and services that promote self-confidence and greater independence in daily life.


The purpose of mental health services at Burke Center is to identify psychiatric disorders, assess immediate and long-range mental health needs and provide appropriate treatment services. The goal of care is to deliver the appropriate intensity and array of treatment service that will result in stabilizing symptoms; treatment includes addressing issues effecting quality of life and tenure in the community as well.


Adult Mental Healthcare Centers provide the following scope of treatment and services:


·        Crisis and Non-Crisis Intake and Evaluation

·        Assessment

·        Treatment Planning

·        Psychiatric Services

·        Pharmacological Services

·        Nursing Services

·        Counseling/Therapy

·        Case Management

·        Psychiatric Rehabilitation

·        Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorder Program (COPSD)

·        ACT Alternative


Those seeking entry into Adult Mental Health Services at the Center must initially meet Admission Criteria of Target Population as determined by Texas Department of State Health Services. Admission Criteria is defined as adults exhibiting symptoms of a severe and persistent mental illness who have a diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and severe major depression.





The focus is on the child and family and treatment is built on the strengths and the potentials of both.  Opportunities are maximized for the involvement and self-determination of the child and family in the planning and delivery of services.  Treatment methodologies are designed to enhance the personal dignity of the child and family and clinicians value children in their own right. 


The goals of the clinics are to maintain a community-based system of care, through interagency collaboration, expansion and maximization of resources, which are organized to meet multiple and changing needs of children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbances and their families.


The following services are offered to Family Counseling consumers:


·        Mental Health Assessment

·        Assistance with Psychiatric hospitalization

·        Case Management

·        Psychiatric Services

·        Counseling (individual, family and/or group)

·        Nursing Services

·        Skills Services (clinic based, school based and/or in the home)

·        Referral Services

·        Hospital Aftercare Services

·        Mental, emotional, behavioral health education services

·        TCOOMMI Child & Adolescent Initiative


The child must be three (3) years of age through seventeen (17) years of age and have a family or guardian who voluntarily agrees to the reception of specific and individualized services and be willing to cooperate with the mutually determined Plan of Care.













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